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Fitness and Health for the Living

Personal training for people of all ages, in all stages of fitness.
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You juggle work, family and everything else, while your health and wellness get put on the back-burner. Personal training adds elements of commitment and purpose that can be instrumental in motivating you to establish a regular program. You’ll find that the return on energy and well-being more than makes up for the time and effort you invest.

You are in a pivotal time in your life and are ready to start something new, or re-commit to something you’ve set aside since kids, career, and life pushed it aside. Perhaps your doctors have been telling you to begin a fitness routine, but you just don’t know where to start. I have years of experience helping my peers feel their best during this most freeing time of our lives.

You have already found your calling and are committed to becoming the best in your sport. However, you’re experiencing a performance plateau, or imbalance-driven injuries that keep you from your best game. We’ll work to build strength, stability, and flexibility in all the right ways to help you perform your best and prevent injury. The better you move, the better you will train. The better you train, the better you will do on race or game day.

You’re ready to move on from physical therapy, and return to an active life. It’s important to establish new habits and movement patterns to regain and maintain proper physical strength and control. I will work with you to establish a fitness plan that is safe, effective, and will allow you to once again feel like yourself.


Individual Training

I offer individual services tailored to the individual
  • My services include an initial interview, initial health and mobility assessment, customized exercise programs, ongoing exercise tracking, goal-specific training, follow-up assessments, and lots of encouragement and motivation geared towards YOU.
  • Your exercise program is made for you. Not only does it address your physical needs, but we be geared toward your exercise preferences, injury history, time constraints, and goals. There are many ways to approach conditioning, and “one size fits all” doesn’t work for any.
  • I offer both one hour and thirty minute sessions. Usually it takes several one hour sessions to develop a program. Many can shift to a thirty minutes session once a routine is established, and personal fitness habits are strong.
  • I train members of two Snap Fitness locations in Albuquerque. (Tramway and Carmel). I also train non-gym members at a private facility near down town.
  • Payment varies depending on quantity of sessions purchased and length of session. I also offer student, military (active or retired), and first responder rates.
  • In addition to my own training programs, I offer referrals to top of the line nutritionists, massage therapists, and behavioral modification pros with whom I work on a regular basis.

Group Training

Split costs and share the experience with a friend or family member
  • As a trainer, I am happy to work with couples or friends in a shared session. This results in a discounted individual rate, plus the fun and accountability of a workout buddy.
  • As a Fitness Instructor, I am certified to teach Spinning ™ indoor cycling and also specialize in group strength, endurance, and general conditioning instruction. Contact me for a list of classes I already offer, or if you’re interested in a custom group class experience for you and your co-workers, meet-up, cycling team, or running club.
  • As both individual trainer and group instructor, I periodically offer workshops or special offers to both groups and individuals. Get on my email list to stay informed of upcoming events.

What to Expect

Positive, encouraging individual attention

After a complimentary assessment of your exercise and medical history, movement patterns, posture, preferences, and goals, I will generate a customized “starter” program that we can further develop together over subsequent sessions.

Typically, the program will “gel” into a routine that can be repeated and tracked for progress after 2 or 3 workouts. In subsequent sessions I will help you maintain proper form, level of effort, tempo so that you get the most out of every move, and avoid injuries that can arise from bad form or practice.

I will also keep track of your measurable progress and introduce progressions to keep you growing in fitness.

Throughout our work together there will be adjustments and new exercises introduced as you adapt to the basic program.

My style is one of positive encouragement and humor, and I am committed to helping you reach your goals, rather than impose a “one size fits all” standard. It is always a two way street, and I depend on your feedback to develop the best solution for your individual needs.

I rely on a variety of exercise modalities, including weight training, TRX, Body Weight exercise, Bosu ball, kettle bells and many others to help you find a program that matches your specific goals, abilities and preferences.

My ultimate goal is for you to become your own best trainer through knowledge of your body, and how to feel good in it.



1-Hour Consultation and Fitness Assessment


1-Hour Private One-on-One Session

$65 per session

Package of 8 Sessions

$60 per session

Package of 12 Sessions

$55 per Session

Package of 24 Sessions

Couples & Group Rates
available at a per-person discount


Fitness: /ˈfitnəs/ noun

Soundness of mind and body, suitable for a purpose, healthy

Fitness, as defined above, is more than a simple increase in muscle volume or decrease in weight. While both of these are effects of exercise, to be truly fit means to be strong, enduring, flexible, balanced, and coordinated. Training with me you can expect to realize results in your appearance and strength, but more importantly, in your day-to-day enjoyment of life as you develop a dynamic relationship with yourself and the world around you. Discipline will get you started. Joy will keep you going for life.


Build Habits

  • Leave self-defeating thoughts and feelings behind
  • Discover exercise that is right for you – you won’t get another one size fits all program from me
  • Experience free movement and total body strength
  • Find your source of lasting energy

Build Fitness

  • Rebalance your body through corrective exercise and conditioning
  • Change your body to look good, feel great, and perform at your peak
  • Gain energy, confidence, and a sense of lasting well-being
  • Lose weight safely and permanently
  • Prevent injury
  • Get strong, fast, and flexible

Build Your Life

  • Learn to stay motivated
  • Become your own best coach, instead of your worst critic
  • Enjoy yourself in action and at rest
  • Have fun

Meet Your Trainer:
Michael Adams

I am a NASM certified personal trainer and fitness instructor with a lifetime of experience as an athlete and dancer. My greatest desire is to share my knowledge and passion for movement with my clients and students as they become stronger, more flexible, and above all, happier.

I operate from the belief that fitness is an attitude. We all desire to feel good, perform well, and live an independent, productive life. We all have more within us than we think, and we all deserve to experience life at its best.


Michael really knows his stuff! I had never used a personal trainer before, so I admit I was a bit nervous to invest in something new. But I in no way regret my decision to start regular training sessions with Michael. He helped me understand the hows and the whys, and presented each routine in a simple and straightforward way. He gave me the fundamental mindset I need to continue my path of strength and whole-body transformation.


Age 30

2 years ago I suffered a life threatening illness that hospitalized me for a full two months. After being released and undergoing a third month of rehab, I found virtually every muscle in my body had atrophied … even a short walk left me exhausted and a romp with my grandchildren was certainly not going to happen. I literally had “wasted away”. Fast forward almost one year. Working with Michael and adhering to his guidance a new “me” is evolving. Never have I had a boring workout. Michael’s thoughtful, knowledgeable and scientific varying of routines has always been a plus. Lastly, his sense of humor is contagious. Consider training with Michael an investment in your quality of life.


Age 69

I am 69 year old female and wanted a program for all over strength and well being. Michael made an evaluation and devised a program based on what I discussed with him. It has helped tremendously. Many of the weaknesses, aches and pains associated with age are greatly diminished and as I need further challenge in my program Michael trains me in more challenging efforts. He’s a fun, upbeat trainer and he listens.


Age 69

As a triathlete competing in all distance triathlons – from sprints to full Iron Man distances, I started working with Michael to help with injury prevention. We worked on core strength, balance, and general strength for muscle imbalances. Michael put together a comprehensive program based on a body assessment and my goals. While I have been strength training for years, Michael provided new and challenging exercises to help with functional fitness and my triathlon training. Michael is also extremely motivating and can really push you during your workouts…   which is what I needed! If you are an athlete looking to improve your fitness for triathlon (or any sport for that matter), and you want to prevent injuries while training and competing, I highly recommend Michael Adams


Age 52


How much does it cost?
After the initial, free consultation, the hourly rate is $60.00. I offer discounts for purchases of 12 or more sessions, depending on quantity. I also offer lower rates for half-hour, partner, and group training.
Do I need to get in shape first?
No. In fact, it is probably better to begin with the assessment and a specific-to-you program. It will help you get in shape more safely and much more efficiently.
Will it be painful?
Much of what we do will be challenging. I do my best to make it all fun, even the hard parts. You will never be asked to go beyond your own limits, until both of us agree that it is time to do that.
Do I need any special equipment?
No. Just comfortable clothes you can move in and athletic shoes will get you started.

Should I speak with a doctor before beginning a new fitness regimen?
It is always a good idea to consult with your physician prior to beginning and exercise program. If you aren’t sure, I will be happy to help identify some of the factors to consider.


Ready to feel great?


Phone: 505-453-4461